Summer // 2016

I've been a freelance filmmaker (Director/DP) for over 10 years now and this roller coaster career only gets more exciting! I can't count the number of recent late nights and flights across the country. I think video is one of the most complicated and perfect ways to communicate with the world. I love all of the new technology, getting to live and work with locals, having to use my whole body to create something that entertains, educates, and ideally affects others. I love the process, and the unique challenges that each project comes with. I’m getting better at anticipating pitfalls, but I know there’s always going to be something new to learn. Anyway, here’s a look at some of the projects I’ve worked on this year.



This is a music video I shot for director, Sam Mason. I love working with Sam! Every project he does is set in a new imaginary world. We created this tropical island using a RED Dragon camera, vintage Leica glass, a 1970’s jib, and a ton of house plants. We shot at Chemistry Creative in Brooklyn, NY, They gave us the run of the place and a ton of fun lights to play with. The video already has more than a million views on YouTube and was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick!



Portraits and lighting are two of my favorite things and John Keatley is a master of both. I was honored to DP these television commercials for John and DNA, Seattle. BECU is one of the best Credit Unions in the country and I think these spots do them justice. I just wish they would’ve used the soundbite from the little boy in a baseball cap, who was asked what he’d buy if he had all of the money in the world, and his response was "a box of pineapples." When asked what his dream job is, you guessed it, a pineapple farmer! 



Kontent Partners sent me to upstate New York to document Amazon’s historic first Jet Liner, Amazon One! There will soon be 40 of these jets delivering your packages. Amazon used the videos to announce the news to the world during Sea Fair in Seattle. They were also broadcast on CNN, CNBC, and other stations. I had to wear a full-body Tyvek protective suit and shave my beard for the first time in forever to be able to wear a respirator around the paint fumes. I ran 5 time-lapse cameras 24/7 for 2 weeks. Most cameras were placed about 40 feet above the ground on wobbly scissor lifts. It’s the closest I’ve come to what I imagine it would feel like to work on Mars. We also used a Sony FS-7 and a RED Dragon for the interviews and realtime B-Roll.



I love clean energy and was so happy to contribute my time to creating a collection of advertising images and video content for Cypress Creek Renewables. We travelled 1000 miles in three days visiting 6 different solar farms in North Carolina. It was incredible to see how many farms are up and running and learn about the energy they create. I shot the stills on a medium format Pentax 645Z, time-lapse on a Sony A7rII, and the arial footage with a DJI Inspire Pro Drone. I also discovered there’s a great food and beer scene happening in Raleigh, NC.



I’ve been shooting these mini-docs and stills for the LA Downtowner the last couple of months. It’s incredible to see the transformation of downtown Los Angeles, and I’m convinced this publication has played a role. These are really fun to make, involve little planning and a ton of thinking on your feet. I’m using a Sony A7rII and a 25mm lens for those who are curious.



This is a 20 hour Yoga Training video series by director Airrion Copeland that we shot at the famous Poodle Dog Studios in Los Angeles, CA. I loved the crew we put together for this 3 camera, Canon C300 shoot. I’ve shot dozens of live multi-camera shows for On The Boards Theater in Seattle, so this was familiar territory.  The only difference is those were 2 hour shows and this was 20, making it one of the most physically challenging, and fulfilling projects of my career. The dedication of our crew was mind blowing! Here are a couple of behind the scenes stills.



I made this back in January. It's significant because it's the first project I've ever done completely solo. Over the years I've worked as an editor, gaffer, DP, director, and sound engineer, but never all on one project. There's nothing quite like conducting interviews while mixing sound and operating a handheld camera on your shoulder. I LOVE the slow motion walk around shot of Jeff Angell at 4:40.

Honorable Mentions: Also shot projects for Facebook in LA | Rupert in Austin, TX |  Kontext Partners/Gates Foundation in San Diego, CA | Halo Player Profiles in Aspen, London, and Cologne.